OEM serial number is a foreign car producer for the international standard code of the related producer of spare part of the car. We include a lot of OEM standard codes. But because the only offers OEM code,it can't accurately reflect the real operating position of the damping spring, so we had better require the customer to offer real sample.

Maintain market: The auto damping spring has two mainly class, one is that originality spring goes wrong, need changing normally; the other is that originality springs drop performance, need changing.The second, for instance: There are some mountain areas, because originality springs¡¯ designed and used is use to going in the highway, but unsuitable to go in the unexpected road, need the line get thicker; or reduce the loop; or the purpose-built spring of the way.

The maintain market characteristic: It is often short run to maintain the requirements for damping spring of the market, many varieties, many specifications. At present, though the damping spring factory is many in domestic, but a lot of producers are unwilling to join. As the batch is little,the specifications are many, the variety is mixed, cause production efficiency is low and no profits. And our factory, because the spring for more than 20 years produces experience, specialize in the damping spring production of the car, and have accumulated the cars springs of different brand, specification. So our factory is good cooperative partner in maintaining market!

The market of conversion car: The originality spring mainly is unsuitable violent requirement,they need good material and thick line, change, enclose, change density to realize spring increase performance highly,etc.. We can well customize the high car damping spring that required.

Quality guaranteed: We rigorously enforce ISO9001 quality certification system. From the strict raw materials examining, the production process examining, patrol examining, high strength tired life testing to leave factory, we guarantee each damping spring is accord with user's requirement.

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